Could Football Return to Cal State Fullerton?

Could Football Return to Cal State Fullerton?

With another football season in the books, thoughts of the college game returning to Cal State Fullerton continue to linger, according to

Tailgate Saturday afternoons is a weekly ritual on campuses across the country. However, Cal State Fullerton fans and students have not experienced these festivities in 25 years, according to

CSUF ended its football program in 1992 after winning just two games in the final two seasons and struggling to fund the program due to poor attendance at games, according to

“If everyone who has asked, ‘When are they going to bring back football’ had actually come to the games back in 1992, they would have overflowed the stadium,” stated Cal State Fullerton sports spokesman Mel Franks.

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, CSUF Athletic Director James Donovan explained what it really takes to start a Division 1A football program.

“The cost of starting a Div. IA football program would be somewhere in the $5-7 million range annually (minimum, you could always spend more – for example, USC is probably spending in excess of $20 million annually for their football program),” added CSUF Athletic Director, James Donovan.

With the Title IX law passing in 1972, funding women’s sports has played a major role in funding athletic programs because funding must be equally divided between men’s and women’s sports.

“In addition, to be in compliance with Title IX, we would likely have to add 3-4 women’s programs that would cost an additional $3-5 million annually,” stated Donovan. “Even if the football team could generate $3 million in tickets, marketing, and donations revenue, the women’s programs would likely generate little or no revenue.”

CSUF’s sports program’s expansion depends on additional funds beings added.

“So the net cost to add football and the corresponding women’s programs would be about $5-9 million annually.  We just can’t afford that.,” added Donovan. “However, if a donor were to donate enough to endow a football program – approximately $80-100 million – then we would seriously consider adding football & the corresponding women’s sports – but the donation would have to be large enough so that we wouldn’t start football & the corresponding women’s sports and then have to drop them again a few years later because of a lack of funding,” stated Donovan.