“ONE IN, ALL IN!” Over the Top Volleyball Club; “Giving 100% Effort and Focus Into the Progress of the Team.”


Photo Courtesy of youtube.com

“The philosophy of the club is for each coach, player, and parent to give 100% effort and focus into the progress of the team,” stated Tyler Rex, Over The Top Volleyball Club director, in a recent interview with the Matador Messenger. Over The Top is a local volleyball club that has a 12’s, 14’s, and 15’s team.

Over The Top is a local volleyball club that has their practices at Esperanza High School two times a week. In the club, there are three teams with 12-13 players on each. This club has been in business since 2013 and is still going strong with all the player and parent support.

“I keep coming back because the coaching is amazing and they are super sweet and great coaches,” stated Over the Top volleyball player, Kaitlyn Christy.

“We are always asking each other for advice and help with adjusting our practice plans to help the players thrive,” stated Rex. The coaches help each other to make the club a better place for the players to learn the game of volleyball.

“My favorite part about the club is how everyone is so encouraging and the coaches are willing to take you to the side and teach you,” Christy added.

One of the club’s short term goals is to be known as a great local club option that has great player and parent communication. At some point they hope to have all their teams compete in the gold division. The gold division is the hardest division to compete in. The competition level is very high and competitive.

“Over The Top has many summer camps each summer for beginners (no prior volleyball experience necessary) and experienced players from around our region. Check out their website for more information at overthetopvbc.com,” Tyler stated.

“We treat each point like a new day and a new opportunity to improve and help the team,” Rex stated when asked to describe his philosophy to help the club as the director of the club.