Simple Tips Can Improve Running Performance


CPR Runners

If you run in track or cross-country, run in a sport, if you want to improve in P.E., or if you are just on your Saturday morning jog, you can increase your speed and stamina with some simple training methods.

“If you are into track, or any kind of running, then there  is no reason you can’t take it up as a sport or even a hobby,” explained Margaret Human, an Esperanza High School running coach  and CPRunners’s main coach, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“‘Try’ is my favorite word;  it’s why I continue to succeed, ‘try’ and ‘work.’ Many coaches, and myself, share similar ideas about what it takes to be great,” added Human.

Becoming “great” at running can start with something as simple as how one positions all parts of the body during movement.

Firstly, a runner should focus on their whole body, and not just their legs. Arms, stomach, and head are just as important. “The arm swing is critically important for stabilizing the body…this can be a major area of improvement. The arms should fall even to your bellybutton. The stomach and head should be flat for full effect, which may take some practicing,” reports the NY Road Runners at

Another important part of running is proper breathing, giving  runners more power in muscles, and also reducing muscle cramps. It may be surprising how important this is. “…feeding your muscles oxygen they need is of paramount importance, so breathing through your mouth is most effective…” according to

Being adequately hydrated is essential for running performance. Water and electrolytes (electrolytes are found in Gatorade and Vitamin Water, to say a few…) are vital to maintain healthiness and great performance. “Fluids need to be balanced. Not too little and not too much…. Coaches will recommend somewhere in between 64-96 oz….a day,” according to

Finally, nothing can replace practice.  “…I try to be consistent in my exercises, which is another important key. If you do not practice on a regular basis, then you will not be great,” stated Human. “Three times a week is the magic number, but extra work is great, and encouraged.”

“…Running is like that old quote, ‘Never try, never fail; Never try, never succeed. If you fall, pick yourself up and keep going,” added Human.