Monday Night Football Travels to Mexico


The Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans of the NFL are coming to Mexico City for Monday Night Football on November 21st at the Azteca America, at 5:30 West Coast Time, according to

With a sold out crowd, both teams have a heavily hispanic fanbase making this a great match for the people of Mexico. “We have a tremendous, passionate fan base in Mexico and we know the atmosphere on game day will be outstanding,” stated NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Although, getting the NFL to play international was a long hard journey as it took quite a long time.

In 2015, NFL Mexico Director Arturo Olivé in an interview with Sports illustrated stated, “We’re taking steps in the right direction so that eventually, this platform (of sponsors) which we have reconstructed will enable us to talk directly to the NFL in New York about the possibility of staging games in Mexico.”

“Mexico is honored to be selected by the NFL to host a regular season game,” stated Mexico’s Minister of Tourism, Enrique De La Madrid Cordero in an interview with

Overall, this has mexican “Football” fans waiting on the edge of their seat for another game to come to Mexico city. According to