Indians Defeat Cubs 6-0 in Opener


Fox Sports

The Chicago Cubs lost their 2016 MLB World Series opening game against the Cleveland Indians with a score 6-0.

The Cubs play the Indians in a six out of seven series.

After  108 years the Chicago Cubs who have an opportunity to break the “Billy Goat Curse” as they face the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 MLB World Series. The last time the Cubs won was in 1908.

The “curse” dates back to “Bill Sianis,  owner of the Billy Goat’s Tavern, and his pet goat, were kicked out of Game 4 at the 1945 World Series after some other spectators complained about the goat’s odor. Sianis cursed the Cubs… after the curse was supposedly laid, in 1997, Bill’s son Sam (then owner of the tavern) and a new goat were brought in by the Cubs to rid them of the curse, but seemingly in vain,” explains.

The Chicago Cubs won 103 and lost 58 games during the regular season. That was the best record in the 2016 season, and is 13 games off their team record and MLB record made in 1906 according to NewsDay.

The last time the Cubs went to the World Series was 1945, losing to the Detroit Tigers. The Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948 but made it to the finals in 1954, 1995, and 1997, according to The New York Times.

The Cubs had the best record in the National League for the 2016 season. Experts did  not expect the Cubs to lose the first game of the World Series and  according to SBNation, the Cubs have just under a 69% chance of winning this year’s  World Series,

Cubs’ Coach, Joe Maddon, had some advice for the fans and for parenting. He said “Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure,“ according to Chicago Now.