David Ortiz’s Retirement

David Ortizs Retirement

The Boston Red Sox designated hitter and former first baseman, David Ortiz,  retired on October 10th against the Cleveland Indians. David Ortiz had more home runs than Mickey Mantle by hitting 541, Mickey had 536, according to BaseballReference.com.

David Ortiz was playing in the MLB while he was 40 years old, and his retirement surprised a lot of people. David Ortiz was also a big factor in how they won the world series in 2004,2007, and 2013 according to ESPN.

Ortiz has been in the league for 20 years and could probably stay for 3 more years, because he is at the top of his game. David Ortiz became the oldest player in MLB to hit 38 home runs in the 2016 season, according to NESN.

David Ortiz’s 2014 home run statistics improved throughout the years. In 2013 he had 30 home runs, in 2014 he had 35 home runs, and in 2015, he had 37 home runs. This season, he had 38. He was getting better every season according to Fox Sports.

Even though Ortiz is retiring, he said this to most of his fans and his teammates, “I’m the kind of guy that I never forget my teammates”. One of Ortiz teammates said, “It was an honor playing with you for two years”, according to ESPN.