Is Carson Wentz Offensive Player of the Year?

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Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles rookie Quarterback is the first player in NFL history to have more than 60 completed passes in 100 attempts and still have 5 touchdowns with no interceptions in his first 3 games, according to SB NATION.

In his first three games Wentz has totaled 769 yards in passing, and he threw 5 touchdowns and 0 interception. Even though Wentz was drafted from North Dakota State in round one pick two to be a bench player for the Eagles but, he  has led as a quarterback his team to 3-0 start, explained NFL Players.

Carson Wentz was not doing all the work though. The Eagles’ defensive line has been a big factor in all three of their wins. According to ESPN the “Eagles defense hasn’t allowed more than 14 points in each game.”

After the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles played, Eagles’ Head Coach Doug Pederson stated, “He played like Peyton Manning.” Pederson also stated that Wentz studies the game film the same way Peyton Manning used to study his film which is why he compares him to Peyton Manning.

The Steelers’ defensive end Cameron Heyward stated, “He played like a freakin Hall of Famer” according to The Washington Post. The Eagles are now 3-0 don’t be surprised if Wentz is offensive rookie player of the year.