Durant’s Move to Warriors Creates Controversy

Durants Move to Warriors Creates Controversy

Kevin Durant, free agent and former power forward of the Oklahoma City Thunder has surprised many with his announcement that he has left the Thunder and joined the Warriors during a press conference on July 7, 2016.

After exchanging texts with Stephen Curry, Durant made the move to the warriors based on Curry’s advice. ” It is hard for me to trust somebody I just met and just talked to and making this huge change,” Durant said, “but I went with my gut and my instincts and I trusted the situation, and it’s not the easiest situation, because I’m out of my comfort zone,” according to nytimes.com.

But the change is not without controversy.

 “Oklahoma City Thunder was astonished by the fact that KD left the Thunder,” reported ESPN. Additionally, Stephen A. Smith, ESPN commentator and frequent Durant critic tweeted,“Weak move by KD. You go to the Golden State Warriors, the team who beat you, when you’re already on a title contender? Please!” according to Philly.com.

In a video on the ESPN website, Smith criticized the action even more, “It’s the weakest move I’ve ever seen from a superstar,” he said.

  Charles Barkley, former power forward for the Phoenix Suns and the Philadelphia 76ers and a current analyst for TNT’s Inside the NBA ,  commented on Durant’s move by stating, “I have no problem with a guy trying to take a title like any other superstar, but he lead the league in scoring four out of the five past years when you’re already on a team capable of winning a championship,” reported Sports Illustrated.