Softball Player Defies Gravity in Play at Home Plate

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Not a day goes by in the world of sports when something happens that makes you go, “wow.” Then there’s a moment when you have to rewind what you just saw because you couldn’t believe it. One such play happened in the Patriot League semifinals between Army and Lehigh. Army infielder Kasey McCravey defied gravity and hurdled the Lehigh catcher to avoid the tag and score the run on the way to a Black Knights 3-1 victory on Saturday, according to

Army West Point star Kasey McCravey was sprinting toward home with the catcher there to meet her for an out. Instead of trying to run around the catcher, she jumped clear over her while flipping around to tap the base with her hand and score, according to Watch THAT a few dozen times.

There are plenty of ways to avoid being tagged: You could pull a disappearing act, or make a nifty swim move, or just flat-out tear open a rift in the Matrix, according to But all of that just seems so tedious, doesn’t it? Why go through all that maneuvering, when there’s a much more efficient solution: As Army infielder Kasey McCravey demonstrated during the Patriot League Tournament on Saturday, you could just leap over the catcher entirely.

According to, in the top of the third, Kasey McCravey led-off with a single to left center field. Mae Wadyka then recorded a sacrifice bunt to push McCravey to scoring position. Alee Rashenskas laced an RBI single up the middle to send McCravey home. McCravey then proved why she was Player of the Year worthy as she leapt over the awaiting catcher and tagged the base on the way back down. This spectacular play pushed the Black Knights ahead 2-0 in the third. The rest of the game summary can be seen at McCravey’s acrobatics helped the Black Knights earn a 3-1 win over Lehigh in the Patriot League semifinals — she’ll have a chance for an encore Sunday morning against Boston University in the championship game.