USC Clinches Crosstown Cup over UCLA

USC Clinches Crosstown Cup over UCLA

The Crosstown Cup belongs to USC once more when the Trojans earned first place for the 10th time in 15 years after defeating UCLA  in women’s rowing, men’s golf, and women’s track, reported

The SoCal BMW Crosstown Cup is awarded annually to the athletic department with the most success  facing each other in match ups in all sports during the academic year. For each of the 19 men’s and women’s sports, there are 10 points available, explained

That earned the Trojans 115 points while the Bruins earned 70. 100 points were needed to clinch the 2015-2016 version of the Crosstown Cup, stated

“Congratulations to all of our student-athletes and coaches for their efforts and performances in helping USC claim its 10th SoCal BMW Crosstown Cup,” USC athletic director Pat Haden explained.

“The USC-UCLA rivalry is the best in college athletics, with two universities of such noted academic and athletic excellence sharing the same city,” added Haden. “This Crosstown Cup competition means so much to both schools and to our fans. On behalf of Trojans everywhere, I am proud to say that USC is once again the Crosstown Cup champion.”

The men and women of Troy regained the cup after losing it in 2014-2015. From 2007-2012, USC has won the Crosstown Cup five years in a row, but UCLA earned it in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. With all said, USC has won the trophy 10 times while it has existed 15 years, wrote

2015-16 Scoring                    USC 115, UCLA 70

Football                                USC – 10

Women’s Volleyball              Both – 5

Women’s Soccer                   USC – 10

Men’s Water Polo                  UCLA – 10

Women’s Cross Country       UCLA – 10

Men’s Basketball                   USC – 10

Women’s Basketball             Both – 5

Men’s Volleyball                   UCLA – 10

Women’s Swimming             USC – 10

Women’s Rowing                  USC – 10

Baseball                                UCLA – 5

Men’s Track and Field           UCLA – 10

Women’s Track and Field      USC – 10

Men’s Golf                            USC – 10

Women’s Golf                       USC – 10

Men’s Tennis                        UCLA – 10

Women’s Tennis                   Both – 5

Women’s Water Polo             USC – 10

Women’s Beach Volleyball    USC – 10