Nashville Predators Fans Smuggle In Giant Catfish At Playoff Game


The singing of the National Anthem during game three of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the Nashville Predators and the Anaheim Duck was followed by Catfish being tossed onto the ice on April 20, 2016, reported

Previous throwing Octopus on the ice was a tradition that was started in the early 2000’s by Detroit Red Wings fans. This video identifies four men smuggling four giant catfish’s into a NHL Playoff game, Youtube: Predators Catfish Throwers. None of these men were identified by a metal detector or a security guard, stated

Wes Collins, Austin Casselman, Jonathan Hardin, and Luke Alger were four of the catfish throwers, stated They had plastic wrap around their back and stomach, which held the catfish. They snuck it under their hockey jersey and went into the arena.

When the national anthem were over, the four men on each side of the arena, went to throwing their catfish over the glass. The ice girls that clean and shovel the ice, had to go on the ice and pick up the catfish with their bare hands. None of these four men were tossed out of the arena, reported