Saying Goodbye to Mamba

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After 20 years in the NBA, Kobe Bryant played his final game on April 13, 2016. The winning Laker’s game was Kobe’s farewell to teammates and fans, after winning a great game, they lost a legend.

Kobe Bryant or “The Mamba” scored sixty points in the back and forth game against the Utah Jazz. Fans remained on the edge of their seats through the whole game. The Lakers were trailing with six minutes to go in the fourth, until they managed to outscore the Jazz 23-21, reported

Tickets for the big game averaged about $1,500 which is a 212% increase from the average before Kobe’s last game announcement reported, a ticket in section 110 cost upwards of $5,200.

Kobe Bryant was definitely the focus of the game making 22 of 50 shots. The ball touched his fingertips more times than ever as his teammates tried to create the perfect last game for him.

After the 101-96 point win, Bryant gave his farewell words to his friends, family, teammates, and fans. Kobe laughed during his speech because, to follow 20 years of being told to pass the ball, his teammates encouraged his possession as long as possible.

Kobe told sources, ““You can’t write something better than this.” Ending his career, Kobe gave the now famous final words, “Mamba out.”