Laremy Tunsil Dropped to 13th overall in NFL Draft

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Laremy Tunsil is a 21 year old offensive tackle coming out of Ole Miss. Tunsil was supposed to go 1st or 2nd in the first round, but due to an unsettling photo he was dropped to the 13th pick.

Tunsil’s twitter and Instagram was hacked the night of the draft and a video of a young man wearing a gas mask with an attached bong. When asked about the video Tunsil said,”I am a good man.”

“Tunsil maintained his hacked account, and this was one time you could certainly take a sports star or celebrity at his or her word on that,” reported “He also swore his Instagram was hacked, another credible claim given that this account showed Tunsil’s apparent text messages to an Ole Miss football staffer asking for money to cover his rent and his mother’s electric bill.”

Laremy was confronted during a news conference in Chicago about these allegations. Tunsil responded saying, “I’d have to say yeah.” According to the Clarion Ledger,“I made a mistake,” Tunsil said in a press conference. “That happened.”

“We know the story behind it,” said Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, who said the bong video is two years old. Grier added that the team is comfortable with that backstory, and with the notion that Tunsil dearly loves the game he was just hired to play, reported