Tim Peake Finishes the Entire London Marathon from Space



After a month of preparation, Tim Peake clinched an out-of-this-world achievement on last Sunday. The British astronaut ran the London Marathon while strapped to a treadmill aboard the International Space Station. His final time was three hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds.

Peake launched into orbit on Dec. 15 as a representative of the European Space Agency. He is the first Brit aboard the space station, and is scheduled to spend six months on this tour.“Peake is the first man to run a marathon in space, and the second person after NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, who completed the Boston Marathon from space in 2007 in about 4 hours,” stated Mnn. Peake ran the London Marathon once before, in 1999. He finished in three hours and 18 minutes. In December, Peake said he wasn’t looking to break his record, and set a goal between 3:30 and 4 hours.

According to The Guardian, “Peake kept himself occupied during the race by watching TV coverage of the marathon and using an interactive app called RunSocial, which allowed him to participate in a digital version of the event.” This wasn’t Peake’s first marathon. The astronaut completed the London Marathon in 1999 in 3 hours 18 minutes and 50 seconds. But for that event he ran on the ground. His most recent feat marked the first time that anyone has run the London Marathon while in orbit.

His December launch gave him a full 18-plus weeks to train before the London Marathon, which as many marathoners know is the perfect amount of time to train for such an undertaking. But while many of his race colleagues trained by pounding the pavement, Peake strapped himself into a harness system so that he could run in the weightless environment.