Scott Van Slyke’s Back Injury Worse Than Previously Thought

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Scott Van Slyke, Los Angeles Dodgers Left Fielder, will be placed on the Disabled List for another 15 days due to the progression of the injury, reported the LAtimes.

Van Slyke’s injury already had him on pins and needles in the beginning of the season but he later aggravated it during the Dodgers, Giants series. According to Van Slyke is still expected to be about a week from returning to baseball activities, and after that it will be a slow comeback. “I’d say from the point he starts, to get back to playing with us, it’s a couple, two, three weeks,” said Dave Roberts, manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If Scott Van Slyke doesn’t return in the next week then he wouldn’t be expected to return until May 9th. “I think it was the the medical, getting the X-rays or the MRI, whatever pictures they took,” Roberts said. “Now you’re starting to see something. As you see something, can it get worse? And the answer was yes, so that’s kind of what it is. A lot of times if there is an injury and if it can’t get worse, then you’re playing to tolerance.”

Van Slyke’s injury hasn’t affected the Dodgers roster because the depth of the outfields available to them. Due to his injury Enrique “Kiki” Hernandez and Howie Kendrick will be seeing lots of playing time in Left Field impending Carl Crawford’s return from the DL.