Mikayla Buscaino Awarded Orange County Athlete of the Week

Photo Courtesy of ocvarsity.com

Photo Courtesy of ocvarsity.com


When I first found out I was OC athlete of the week I was very honored and super excited,” stated Yorba Linda High School sophomore and Mustang’s Varsity point guard, Mikayla Buscaino, who was awarded Orange County athlete of the week on February 15.


Mikayl added, “I did not think it was that big of an accomplishment until I received the support of my friends and family however.”


“My biggest motivation has to be my parents. They have worked so hard to make my life so amazing and I want to do anything to make them proud. They are amazing people who love me no matter what which is what strives me to become the person they think I can be,” stated Mikayla when asked about her biggest motivation for the success she has today.


Mikayla started playing basketball in first grade, and is the starting point guard for the YLHS varsity women’s basketball team for coach Ikemoto.


I am really proud of Mikayla and how she’s played all season, but she really excelled the week that she was recognized.  I’m glad that OC Varsity saw the impact that she had in key games in league play,” shared Coach Teiko Ikemoto on Mikayla’s achievement.


Coach Ikemoto commented, “I’m was really happy to see that Mikayla was able to do the things we asked and expected of her, which leads to her success which leads to the team’s success.”
Congratulations Mikayla on your achievement of OC Athlete of the Week!