Zac Desembrana “All About Me, Rugby”

“Rugby is a brotherhood and we have become very strong. We moved up to the A14 Division 1 level and by the final tournament we achieved 1st place,” stated Zac Desembrana.

Coach Anthony Mosqueda asked Zac to play rugby in December 2014. Zac is on the Irvine Rhinos. They had a great season and came in 2nd overall that lead their coach to create a rugby summer 7’s team and he was chosen to play.

Desembrana stated, “My biggest highlight of my career this year is that I was invited to play in the A14 Rhino Rugby 7’s Las Vegas Invitational in March. My biggest challenge of playing is tackling guys 3 times my size,” stated Zac. “Professionally possible. I intend to continue to play and see where it leads me.”

Rugby first started in 1823.In the U.S., rugby is played by approximately 450,000 players. The top college teams in the U.S are the University of Minnesota at Duluth and the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater.

Rugby and football differ because rugby starts with a drop kick pass and football players do a normal kick when your teammate is holding the ball. In rugby, you can throw the ball while running, stated