Coyotes Sign Bank Manager as NHL Goalie

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Nathan Schoenfeld, 31, thought he had Monday off because of president’s day, but then he was called in for work.. and not for his job at the bank, but for an NHL game, wrote BleacherReport.

Nathan was giving his kids a bath when he got a text from Stan Wilson, his father-in-law, who was also the equipment manager for the Arizona Coyotes. Stan let him know that the backup goalie was injured, and they needed an emergency backup for the game, wrote

Schoenfeld seized the opportunity and got to the game arena and signed an amatuer tryout agreement, so he could dress for the game. Schoenfeld was an NHL goalie, wrote BleacherReport.

Schoenfeld played as a goalie in college for Arizona State, so he did have some previous experience. “I don’t think I’m game-ready but ready in case they need me to sit on the bench,” Schoenfeld said.

After signing his contract, Nathan put on his jersey and a hat. He skated out with the team on the ice, but when the game started, it was off to the benches for him. Schoenfeld didn’t get any play time, but the team did give the MVP belt to him.