Anthony Davis Drops Career-High 59 Points and 20 Rebounds

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New Orleans power forward, Anthony Davis, put together the most remarkable  season performance of his young NBA career on Sunday, February 21, breaking his career-high with 59 points and 20 rebounds, adding four assists in the 111-104 win over the Detroit Pistons, wrote

There was a lot expected from Davis this season: MVP, defensive player of the year, and a postseason run. All of this is reasonable for this 21-year old, having one of the most greatest individual seasons in the NBA, stated ESPN.

“I just go out there and play,” Davis explained to Fox Sports New Orleans after the game. “The guys on the bench were telling me, go out there and get 60…I just came out with a lot of energy.”

He has the skills of a small forward in a big man’s body. The most dominant centers use strength and power to defeat their matchups. Shaq definitely did that. However, Davis uses finesse, reported

“I think it allows you to understand the type of player that he can [be] if you can create space for him,” Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry told reporters after the game Sunday, via ESPN. “If you can create space for him, then you can see — shooting-wise, taking the ball to the basket, dunking the basketball, rolling hard — you can see all those things when he’s playing in space. He’s not a real grind-it-out, bump-in-the-low-post kind of guy, but he can catch it in the post and square up, face a guy up, and you can get good results from that.”

That win puts New Orleans at a 22-33 record, making their way up the Western Conference standings. They are just 5.5 games back of the last playoff spot. Followed by a 1-11 start to the season, that’s an astonishing accomplishment in and of itself, explained