EHS Women’s Cross Country Team Wins CIF

Photo Courtesy of Coach  Rich Medellin

Photo Courtesy of Coach Rich Medellin

After months of training and striving to grab the gold, Esperanza’s Women’s Cross Country team has achieved their goal at the CIF Division Finals. “But the fact that we didn’t make thisdream come true on our own , but together, 14 legs and seven hearts made a dream that we pictured impossible, imaginable,” stated Summer Shea, Esperanza cross country team member.

Summer stated, “Running cross country for Esperanza High School has taught me a lot about life, it has taught me that no matter how hard things can be, no matter how much pain u feel in a race it’s the reward that makes you the better person.” Cross Country teaches not only running and endurance, but discipline, and building character.

Training is very important to the team’s success. Coach  Ricardo Medellin stated, “The varsity girls average about 40 miles a week, 6 days a week with the longest run this past season was a 12 mile run. The younger girls average about 20 to 25 miles per week, 6 days a week.” Without the training and experience they have, they wouldn’t have the success they do.

“Our team goals this year were to win a Century League Championship, our second goal was to win a CIF Southern Section Championship and last goal was to be in the top 3 at the California State Finals. This year we were 2nd in the Century League Finals, won CIF Southern Section and finished 4th at the California State Meet. Last year, we finished 2nd in the Century League, 2nd in the CIF and 3rd at State.” Responded Coach Medellin when asked the team’s goals.

Another key to success is motivation. “Our runners are self motivated and determine to keep the tradition of success.” The team’s success has depended on the training and motivation they’ve had in the past. They have this to thank for their past accoplishments.

Esperanza’s varsity runners all came in the top 75, Shannon Mackeller came in at number 4, Sapna Dholakia at number 7, Summer Shea at number 10, Dominique Oden at number 31,Robin Bremer at number 33, Cassidy Klein at number 50, and Lauren Reeves at number 51.

Congratulations, Esperanza Women’s Varsity on your CIF Division Finals win!