Russell Wilson Playing the Best Football of His Career

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Russell Wilson has been playing “lights out” over the span of the past three weeks. He has a QBR of 93.6 (out of 100), 11 touchdown passes, no interceptions, wrote ESPN.

Playing some good football is not all he’s doing- he’s starting to change his style. Russell used to scramble and get away from the other teams linemen. His last three games he’s been throwing 85 percent of passes in the pocket. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks will be a threat in the post-season, reported ESPN.

Russell Wilson just isn’t playing like this by himself, he’s getting some help from Doug Baldwin, Seattle wide receiver.

“His rookie season, we were at Chicago, and we’re at the line of scrimmage in a two-minute offense,” Baldwin said. “And I’m yelling at him to get the play out while we’re at the line. He looks over at me, and he gave me this look — I’ll never forget it — that was like, ‘I got this.’ And at that moment, I was like, ‘OK, he’s got it.’ We still push each other, still hold each other accountable in a number of ways, but that moment was when we kind of forged together in the same direction.”

The connection between Doug Baldwin and Russell Wilson has never been stronger. When Wilson targeted Baldwin, he has completed 55 of 67 passes (82.1 percent), for 776 yards and eight touchdowns. Baldwin also has a chance to be the first player since 1992 (when targets were first tracked) to post a 1000-yard season when catching at least 80 percent of balls thrown his way. Over the past week no player has more yards or touchdowns then Doug (433 yards and six touchdowns).

“Russell and I, we’re highly competitive, and we’re perfectionists,” Baldwin said. “We butt heads at times because we want things to be perfect all the time. And that’s made for a great relationship in terms of building each other up and making each other the best that we can be. I’m thankful for his resolve and his resilience and his work ethic, because he teaches me a lot on a day-to-day basis. And he obviously makes this team a lot better.”

After the win in Baltimore, Wilson played even better… without his three weapons. RB Marshawn Lynch, RB Thomas Rawls, and TE Jimmy Graham are all hurt. There is no quarterback that has thrown 100 or more attempts over a four-game stretch.. except for Russell Wilson, wrote CBSsports.