No.21 Navy Beats Army

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No.21 Navy beat the Army on Saturday, December 12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, reported ESPN.

The score was 21 to 17. Keenan Reynolds ended his Navy career with a clean sweep against Army. Reynolds rushed for two touchdowns and threw one to take the lead against the Navy Midshipmen to their straight 14th win over the Army Black Knights, wrote ESPN.

Army had a chance to take over the game in the fourth quarter, but an interception on a double pass trick play caused the game. Army started a freshman quarterback named Chris Carter. He had some success through the air with 200+ yards, stated CBSsports.

“That was the number 1 goal,” Reynolds said. “To be able to be here for four straight years and never lose to Army, that’s huge.”

Reynold’s rushing touchdowns put him at his 85th career score, breaking the record for the most touchdowns for any division I player, according to CBSsports.

“We get to go back to the white house this year and get our trophy back,” explained Reynolds. “We’re ans institution, and we’re certainly a football program, that’s steeped in team and not about ‘me.’ All of a sudden, it became about that,” Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk expressed.

The Navy will now face Pittsburgh in the Military Bowl on December 28,  but expect head coach, Ken Niumatalolo to decide between remaining going to BYU well in advance of the Midshipmen’s bowl preparations-maybe as soon as midweek, expressed