Peyton Manning Sidelined by Torn Plantar Fascia

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Denver Bronco quarterback, Peyton Manning, will be out of play for at least of the regular season as a result of a partially torn his plantar fascia, according to

“It revolved around the revelation, or confirmation, of the rumblings that have made their way through the Broncos’ locker room in recent weeks: that quarterback Peyton Manning  has a partially torn plantar fascia in his right foot.” stated

“While a torn the plantar fascia doesn’t usually mean surgery, but the recovery time could keep Manning out the rest of the regular season in question if he can’t play through it,” added

“Plantar fascia rupture is characterized by an acute pain in the arch of the foot following a dynamic activity. It is a relatively uncommon injury. It is often associated with long standing flat feet deformity. Treatment is non-operative, with pain control, relative rest, gentle stretching and a gradual return to activities over a period of weeks to months.” reported Dr. Troy Watson from

Manning ,39 years of age, has sustained many injuries throughout his career including several strained tendons in his shoulder, sore ribs and 4 surgeries to repair his neck. He also wears a knee brace due to multiple knee injuries. Peyton Manning’s foot injury was sustained on on November 5, 2015 against the Kansas City Chief. But the question still remains, will Manning’s injury end his career ?


“When all is considered, this could be not Peyton’s worst, but, rather, his greatest season. He has aged in football years visibly; his skills are diminished; his hand is “tingly” from damaged nerves, and his arm and legs are weaker; defenses are wiser to what he no longer can do; he has been forced into a new system mostly unsuitable;” stated

“He has not been aided by a forceful running game or a stalwart, cohesive offensive line; his tight ends and slot receivers are nonexistent; and Manning’s mental mistakes have been magnified.” added

Peyton Manning’s foot injury was sustained on on November 5, 2015 against the Kansas City Chief.

Sources told ESPN that “Manning has battled plantar fascitis for weeks but is believed to have aggravated the injury against Indianapolis on Nov. 8, resulting in a partial tear of his plantar fascia. Almost always, a partial tear is more painful to play with than a complete tear.”