MLB Postseason Overview

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The 2015 MLB postseason is over and a celebration is ready. The ALDS and NLDS are both a best of five series, ALCS, NLCS, and World Series are best of 7 games. As the Wild Card is a one game elimination, stated


The Astros and the Yankees game was played October 6th and the Astros beat the Yankees 3-0. The Astros will move on to face the top seed team in the American league, the Royals.The New York Yankees are eliminated from the postseason. The Chicago Cubs, who have 97 wins, went against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who have 98 wins. The Cubs kept Pirates fans sitting on their hands as they were shutout, yet again, they only  played one game in the 2015 MLB Playoffs. Jake Arrieta said, “The Pirates are a great team. They had 98 wins and it is sad that one of us had to go,” stated


The 2015 NLDS will be the St. Louis Cardinals against the Chicago Cubs. John Lackey will pitch for the Cardinals and Jon Lester will pitch for the Cubs in Game one of the NLDS.Jake Arrieta said,”It is the playoffs,all the stuffs that happens in the regular season doesn’t matter,” stated In the other NLDS the Los Angeles Dodgers will face The New York Mets. The game one starters for this game will be Clayton Kershaw going for the Dodgers and Jacob DeGrom going for the Mets. The Mets manager, Terry Collins said,”We have a group of guys that never and will never quit,”reported

On the other hand, for the ALDS, it will be the Houston Astros Vs. the Kansas City Royals. Going in game one for the Astros, Royals will be Yordano Ventura for the Royals and Collin McHugh. For the other ALDS game it will be the Toronto Blue Jays going against the Texas Rangers. Pithing in this game will be David Price going for the Blue Jays. On the opposing side it will be Yovani Gallardo going for the Rangers.The Rangers skipper said,”We know the other team will not quit. They came to play and we came to play also.”, reported


The ALCS was The Kansas City Royals Vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. The Kansas city Royals beat the Blue Jays in six games. ‘It is amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit,” said Blue Jays right handed pitcher R.A. Dickey. Reported


In the NLCS the New York Mets swept the Chicago Cubs in four games. Daniel Murphy is probably the god of New York right now,” stated Cubs catcher Miguel Montero. “He is a different hitter than he was two or three months ago. He is definitely worth giving up a draft pick,” stated mets manager Terry Collins.


In the World Series it is The Kansas City Royals Vs. The New York Mets. In game 1 it was Matt Harvey vs. Edinson Volquez. Right before the game, Royals starter Edinson Volquez dad passed away. Even though he passed away, he gave a stellar performance. “Every inning I was the thinking about my dad. Every time I need to focus I hear my dad saying, “concentrate’ and I am sure Eddy is hearing that too,” stated Chris Young, Edinson Volquez Teammate. Chris Young’s dad died exactly one month before Edinson Volquez dad had died. In game two of the World Series it was a duel between Jacob DeGrom against Johnny Cueto. Johnny Cueto absolutely dominated only allowing one run while going all nine innings. On the other hand Jacob DeGrom was not so dominate as he allowed six runs in five total innings, stated

In game three of the World Series it was Noah Syndergaard against Yordano Ventura as Noah Syndergaard was dominating as gave up three earned runs, but his team gave him run support. Even though the Mets won, one of the players made history that night. Raul Mondesi was the first player to ever debut in the World Series. He was on 20 years old and he got a World Series ring, stated

In game four it was Steven Matz for the Mets against Chris Young of the Royals. The Mets were winning, until the eighth inning. The skipper for the Mets brought in Tyler Clippard in the eighth, but he gave up two hits. That forced Terry Collins to bring in their closer, who has been lights out in the postseason, reported He came in and gave up a pair of runs, which gave the Royals the lead and made them win the game.

Game five was an elimination game for the New York Mets, so they brought their ace Matt Harvey. The Royals pitcher was Edinson Volquez, who pitched game one like Matt Harvey. Matt Harvey was throwing eight shutout innings and he went into the ninth and gave up two earned runs and that forced the skipper of the Mets to bring in their closer for two innings. In the twelfth inning Terry Collins brought in Addison Reed who gave up five runs and that gave the Royals a seven two lead. Wade Davis was brought in and he closed it out and they won the World Series. Reported

“They live up to what people say, they put the ball in play,” said Mets skipper Terry Collins.

Also he said on Johnny Cueto, who was traded to the Royals as he put a outstanding performance in game one of the World Series only allowing one run in eight innings. Mets skipper said,”He is good. That is why they went out and got him.”