Tommy Hanson Passes Away

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“Former MLB pitcher for The Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Angels, Tommy Hanson, passes away at the the age of twenty-nine,” reported He was reportedly in a coma for an unknown reason. Hanson was a victim of organ failure, which may be a reason he passed away.


Tommy had pitched five seasons in the majors, four seasons with the Atlanta Braves and one with the Los Angeles Angels. The Atlanta Braves tweeted, “R.I.P. Tommy,” in honor of Tommy Hanson’s death. They put a picture of him pitching one of his first game, reported


Hanson was third in the rookie of the year voting in 2009. He posted a 3.80 career ERA (Earned Run Average). He had a total of forty-nine wins and thirty-five career losses. In his rookie year he had a 2.81 ERA.

Chipper Jones, former teammate of Tommy Hanson, tweeted, “My heart is broken today. Tommy Hanson was a great friend, teammate, and pitcher. We all loved and pulled for him. We ALL will miss him,” stated  Also, Andrelton Simmons tweeted, “Very sad to hear about Tommy Hanson. Wish his family and close friends a lot of strength. He was a really nice dude. :/” Stated