Arkansas Stuns No.18 Ole Miss

The insanity continues! After three straight Saturdays with insane finishings, Arkansas kept the streak going with 53-52 overtime win over No.18 Ole Miss that they included yet another play with will occur in highlight reels with years to come, according to SI.

Being down by seven points in overtime, Arkansas was faced with a 4th-and-25 dilema. Quarterback Brandon Allen found his tight end Hunter Henry with a pass near the sidelines. Yards away from the first down marker, Henry threw the ball over his head right before being tackled. With the football bouncing around, half back Alex Collins scooped up the lateral and scurried inexplicably for the first down, stated fox

“I don’t believe in luck. Don’t believe in karma. I believe in God,” says Wide Receiver Drew Morgan.

Brandon Allen had already thrown a career-high of 442 yards and 6 touchdowns and near the end, when the game was on the line, he delivered for Arkansas. Allen did a play action play for a 2-point conversion;he was sacked, but with that sack, was a penalty called on Ole Miss. The line up again, Allen fakes the handoff and runs right through the gap through the end zone win the game by a single point, reported ESPN.

“I can’t say enough about our quarterback. He’s a gladiator, through and through,” stated the head coach of Arkansas, Bret Bielema.