YHLS Coach Ikemoto Spurs Mustangs to “Prepare, Practice, and Perform”



After the great wins of last season, the Yorba Linda High School girls basketball teams face new challenges. With excitement and determination, Coach Teiko Ikemoto is preparing her team to play.

“The mindset is to maximize our potential to be the best that we can be. It’s the same going into each season- Prepare, Practice, Perform, and Potential,” Coach Ikemoto responded when asked about her mindset going into the new season. She says it is important to develop strengths, and work on improving weakness meanwhile practicing conditioning on and off the court.

Coach Ikemoto and her team have had many successful moments including improving from a losing record and a league loss, to going to the CIF semi-finals. They traveled to San Diego for a state tournament, and although they lost one of Coach Ikemoto’s senior captains during their  last game, Ikemoto had “no regrets.”

Motivation is a very important ingredient to a good team, and it has definitely made a huge contribution to the YLHS women’s basketball team. Coach Ikemoto works hard to have her team consistently motivated. She says, “I try to motivate the team by continually challenging them so that they are always improving, setting new goals and setting the bar higher (both individually and team,)”

When asked what she looks for in a player, she said, “ Coachability and commitment. Accept criticism and apply to improve as a player, make corrections, adjust and adapt.” She looks for someone that is, “willing to try/learn new things,” and, for someone that, “works hard and is responsible.”

Coach Ikemoto has advice for players that want to join the team, “Learn how to play correctly – not just playing games but knowing/doing the fundamentals. Get or stay in shape. Have a love for the game. Have pride.”