YLHS Varsity Football vs. EHS Varsity Football Game Raffles for A Fiat 500 Pop

Football teams from Yorba Linda High School and Esperanza High School face off on October 30, 2015, at 7 P.M., in the Shapell Stadium at YLHS. In what is annually one of the most well attended games of the season, this year one lucky attendee who purchased a ticket, will win a car during halftime. Those who purchase tickets have to be 16 or older, and the winner does not have to be present at the raffle.“The 2015 black, two door, Fiat 500 Pop was donated to the school for the raffle by JStar Motors. All of the taxes, license, and fees, are going to be payed for by JStar Motors,” according to Lorraine Lassalle, The Fiat Chairperson.

“JStar Motors came up with the idea of donating a 2015 Fiat to our football organization to be shared alongside with Esperanza High School Football Booster Club.  The goal is for each football organization to raise as much money as possible for each of their individual organizations,” said Lassalle.

To purchase tickets to enter the raffle,individuals have to buy them from the football players at either school; the football players sell tickets at all home game, and sometimes you can find a booth with people selling tickets in front of the Shapell Stadium.

YLHS and EHS are having a competition for who can raise more money for their school’s football teams by selling tickets for a brand new Fiat. Each organization received 5,000 tickets, from JStar Motors, giving them a chance to make $100,000.00. Each ticket is only $20.

Yorba Linda High School’s goal amount of money is to raise $100,000.00, which means they would have to sell all of their tickets. “The Fiat Car Raffle is the first of its kind for the Yorba Linda High School Football Booster Club (YLHSFBC).  YLHS Football started in 2009 with a JV (Junior Varsity) team. Since 2009, the football program has been growing,” stated Lassalle.

“With the financial help and support of the YLHSFBC, the program has become more successful. In mid-August of 2015, the YLHSFBC was approached by JSTAR Motors a local auto dealership. Jared Merrell (one of the owner’s of JStar Motors), and Kevin Kress (General Manager) met with our YLHSFBC Board,” continued Lassalle.

JStar Motors did have some rules, but they are all easy to follow.

1. Each organization received five thousand tickets (5000).

2. Every ticket is sold for $20

3. Each organization has an opportunity to earn $100,000.00, if they sell all of their tickets.

4. Each organization keeps their own money for every ticket they sell.

5. The  sold tickets will be raffled off during the halftime game between YLHS and ESHS on Friday, 10/30/15, at Shapell Stadium.

6. The winner does not need to be present.  The tickets are individually numbered and perforated.  (see attached ticket sample)

7.  You must be 16 years of age to purchase a ticket.

8.  All sold and unsold tickets must be turned in by each organization on 10/28/15.

9. All sold tickets will be entered in the raffle and JStar Motors will have a representative draw the winning ticket.

10.  Each organization has to register and comply with the State of California Raffle regulations.

Some additional rules for the football players made by YLHSFBC include the following:

1. Each player on YL Football team was asked to sell a minimum of 20 tickets.  Not Mandatory.

2. Additional tickets were sold at all YL Football home games.

3. Additional tickets were also sold at Vons and Haggen’s grocery stores on designated dates and times.

4. Service hour credits were given to students who helped sell tickets at the YL Football home games and grocery stores.

Why would JStar do such a generous deed? “I suspect that it is to give back to the local community, along with free advertisement for their business, and a tax write off for their business,” stated Lorraine.

“In my opinion, any organization that can provide a positive experience with self discipline and good work ethics to young teenage boys is an organization I want my son to be part of. These are positive skills to help any individual be successful in life,” concluded Lassalle.