Esperanza High School Football Prepares For League Games

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“We have to make plays. Football games are won on big plays. Our quarterback and receivers have to make plays and the o-line has to block. Our defense is great and the offense needs to continue to make plays and do it mistake free,” stated Coach Gary Bowers, head coach for the Esperanza High School Varsity Football team.

With the loss against Foothill on October 23, the Aztecs must win their next two league games to be in the playoffs. Esperanza is playing Yorba Linda High School who are 3-5 overall and in league 0-1, Friday, October 30.

Bowers stated that he feels pretty good about three league games, but with losing the first one, they have to work extra hard for the last two. “Each one is a tough game and those are the kind of games we like. We lost two games in over time. We are one play away from being 5-2.”  Patrick Campos, senior, running back for the Aztecs stated, “It is very stressful and everyone has to take it serious.”

As being two of the seniors of the seniors on the team, Patrick Campos and Jesse De La Torre have had some great times with these players. “Being in the locker room with the guys and the Saturday mornings were great because we laugh at each other about our mistakes. It’s fun,” stated De La Torre.  Campos stated, “I loved getting revenge on Irvine and Bellflower and scoring four touchdowns two games in a row.”

Forfeiting their first two wins of the season might of changed the attitudes of the players. “If we were getting blown out I would agree, but we lost two tough games in overtime and that tells me we’re playing hard and not in a slump. We just need to finish the game,” stated Gary Bowers.

Having a 1-7 record, Esperanza needs to be focused and mentally prepared to compete for a league title. Coach Bowers stated, “I hope we are focused and mentally prepared. This is why we lift all those weights in the off season.”

Being that most of the starters on the Aztecs are seniors, the upcoming players have to work hard to get better. Jesse De La Torre, senior, offensive line and defensive line stated, “I know that they will do okay, as long as they step up and work hard. I have confidence in the players who are back-ups this year and know that they will do fine.”

According to Bowers and the seniors leaving the program, Esperanza Football is in good hands and has a bright future.