Matt Stine: “Feed off Your Mistakes”

Courtesy of Ylhs

Courtesy of Ylhs

“I teach the team to come together as a team and understand that this is not an individual sport,” Matt Stine stated. Matt Stine the head coach for Yorba Linda Baseball team.

Matt Stine has been coach for 39 years, six at Yorba Linda High School and the previous years at El Dorado “ One area that we need to improve is hitting and understanding that defense and pitching is play catch,” stated Matt Stine. He wants the players on his freshman team to listen, apply, and preform at the level that he is taught at, to communicate with each other on the field.

“We also want them to be willing to try new things that we ask the players.” stated Matt Stine. One of the biggest skills taught to the freshman team is to “body up and block the ball as if it was in a game,” stated Matt Stine. “What you do in practice you will do in a game,” he stated.

“The most important thing to do in a game is to feed off your mistake This means to learn by your mistakes, add Matt Stine If you work hard in practice you will be able to do the best of your ability in a game.”