Undefeated YLHS Men’s Basketball “Walks with Heads Held High”



With a first place in the league championship and undefeated record so far as  reported by ylhsbasketball.com, the men’s Yorba Linda High School basketball team is walking with their heads held high.

When asked about his mindset going into the new season, Coach Jason Pietsch responded, “The coaching staff’s mindset usually stays the same year to year. We try to take care of what we can control, put our players in position to be successful and play with great effort and attitude each day.”

Motivation has had a large part of this team’s success, according to Coach Pietsch.”We  have created a pretty competitive environment over here and basketball players usually enjoy competing. They realize that if they don’t beat out the player at their position, they may not play. Playing time seems to be the ultimate motivational tool. Players have worked really hard because of that.”

Last year, Yorba Linda  received their first league championship, with a buzzer beater at Brea Olinda.  Coach Pietsch commented this has been his most successful moment as a coach. Following the Brea Olinda buzzer beater, two nights later Yorba Linda had another major win against El Dorado, becoming  undefeated in the league.

Coach Pietsch’s advice to future students trying out is, “We look for many things, but one of the best is availability and dependability My advice for potential players is play basketball now if you enjoy it. You may not have the chance to play when you’re older, so make the most of your time now!”