BYMS: Distance Runners

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“I created the Bernardo Yorba Distance Runners so that students would have the opportunity to experience the excitement of running on a school team.  Running is a way of life; always providing something to work on, and a goal to work toward. Running on a team is a fantastic experience that can bring students together who share the same goal: to become better than they were yesterday,” stated Ms. Learn a teacher and the creator of the Bernardo Distance Runner.


Ms. Learn is an ELD/ Composition teacher with a long background in running. “I have been running since I was a four years old, and I hold five National Age Group records. In high school, I was Varsity and Team Captain of our Cross Country and Track & Field team. I continued to run in college, and run now, non-competitively. I have coached for the past ten years at various schools including Kraemer Middle School, Tuffree Middle School, and Valencia High School,” she stated.


“I felt that joining the running club would be a great opportunity for me to enhance my running skills,” stated Adrian Donovan, a member of the running club. He continued, “When I was little, my parents took me to a national running league competition; I saw all those people run, and it made me want to try too and I liked it.”


“Running can do so much for students. It can provide a goal, a passion, and a dream. It provides students with the idea that they, too, can be great. Beyond the individual benefits of running, the Bernardo Yorba Distance Runners is a team, where students can become part of something bigger than themselves, and where lasting, life-long friendships can begin to take root,” Ms. Learn stated when asked how the Distance Runners.


The Distance Runners takes place Thursday after the school day. Students should arrive dressed and ready to run.


“I would encourage tons of people to join the running club,” Adrian stated, “I would show them how exciting running can be.”