Jake Olson: Blind USC Fan Could Join the Team

Jake Olson is a football player at USC with one small twist. He is blind, Jake Olson lost his left eye when he was 10 months old due to a rare cancer of the retina, called retinoblastoma, and by age 12 Olson was totally blind, according to usatoday.com, latimes.com and ncaa.com.

Jake is a long snapper for the USC Trojans football team, and it is possible that for the next four years you could see him on the field snapping the ball with a little help from his teammates, reported latimes.com.

Olson’s aspiration to play football came from before he was blind. The last sight he wanted to see before losing his sight was a USC football game, stated usatoday.com. Coach Pete Carroll who was a Usc trojans coach, and is now coaching the Seattle Seahawks, heard his story. Pete got in touch with Olson’s family in 2009 and Olson still has been seen multiple times on the Seahawks sideline, he even learned to long snap from Clint Gresham of the Seattle Seahawks, stated usatoday.com.

Olson was more than a star athlete at football. Olson also played varsity golf at Orange Lutheran High School, in California, and still got in the 80s, reported golfdigest.com.