Handicapped Child Motivated by Wrestling

photo courtesy of newsday.com.

photo courtesy of newsday.com.

Isaiah Bird doesn’t have a leg to stand on or a place to call home, but on the wrestling mat he has the heart of a gladiator and an infectious smile that can bring even a UFC champion to his knees, reported bleacherreport.com.


This six-year-old gladiator, who was born without legs, lives in a shelter in Freeport, New York, with his mother and two-year-old brother. The mountainous adversity thrown upon him could break any normal man, but there is something to be said about the pure and innocent heart of a child, yearning only to be happy, announced bleacherreport.com.


“He has no clue what’s going on in his life. He’s such a happy kid that he doesn’t know he doesn’t have a bed, doesn’t have a TV,” said Miguel Rodriguez, Isaiah’s wrestling coach, during an interview with Mark La Monica of Newsday. “…Wrestling is the only thing this kid talks about. In wrestling, he can actually feel normal because he’s the man,” reported espn.go.com.


When UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman first heard Isaiah’s story from a News 12 video posted on Facebook, he was shocked, reported newsday.com.


“Who wouldn’t want to help a kid out like that?” Weidman said. “Anything I can do for a local wrestler, especially a kid who’s young and struggling, I was down,” reported newsday.com.

“I hear he’s a sweetheart of a kid and a hard worker, and he’s winning matches,” Weidman said. “He’s a little stud,” announced si.com.