The International Cup 2015

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A total of eight teams will be participating in this years traditional International soccer cup, where European clubs prepare for the upcoming league season. The 2015 International Champions Cup will be taking place in various cities of the United States, this summer.

“These matchups speak to the immense success and quality of the International Champions Cup,” said Charlie Stillitano, Chairman of Relevent Sports. “Not only are three of the quarter-finalists for the Champions League participating, but the Chelsea vs. Paris Saint-Germain finish in the round of 16 was spectacular.  Showcasing this rematch, along with the multitude of other high quality and competitive contests, is truly exciting and shows these games are more than just friendlies.”

The teams competing in this cup include: Manchester United, Club America, FC Barcelona, La Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, FC Porto, Chelsea, PSG, Fiorentina and San Jose Earthquakes.

All teams will play round robin matches. The final will be a very lucrative market for not only the teams but the local US Organizers. The 2015 International Champions Cup will expand to Australia as well, with authorities confirming that some of the teams will play their matches in down under Australia while some will take place in United States, stated

Listed below are the games that will be taking place in the US:


Match Title  Date  Location

La Galaxy vs Club America

11 July

Carson, CA

San Jose Earthquaks vs Club America

14 July

San Jose, CA

Manchester United vs Club America

17 July

Seattle, WA

PSG vs FC porto

18 July

Toronto, Canada

Fiorentina vs PSG

21 July

Harrison, NJ

La Galaxy vs FC Barcelona

21 July

Pasadena, CA

Chelsea vs New York Red Bulls

22 July

Harrison, NJ

Fiorentina vs FC Porto

24 July

East Hartford, CT

Manchester United vs FC Barcelona

25 July

Santa Clara, CA

Chelsea vs PSG

25 July

Charlotte, NC

FC Porto vs New York Red Bulls

26 July

Harrison, NJ

Barcelona vs Chelsea

28 July

Washington, DC

Club America vs FC Porto

28 July

Mexico City, Mexico

Manchester United vs PSG

29 July

Chicago, IL

Fiorentina vs Barcelona

02 August

Florence, Italy

Chelsea vs Fiorentina

05 Auguest

London, England