Pittsburg Steeler Troy Polamalu Retires After 12 Seasons



After 12 seasons, Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu has decided to retire, the team announced on Friday, April 10th.

Polamalu first told the Herald-Standard on Thursday April 9th, 2015 about his decision. “I did not seriously consider playing elsewhere,” Polamalu said in a phone interview with Jim Wexell. “It was just whether or not I wanted to play,” reported nfl.com.

After taking four months to think about it, Polamalu’s decision to retire came when he started thinking about his family.”It’s all about family,” Polamalu said on Thursday. “I live here in Pittsburgh now, and since the end of the season I’ve had a chance to enjoy my family on a level I never had before. It was awesome,” reported cbssports.com.

”Troy is a shining example of a football man in the way he loved the game, the way he respected the game and the way he played the game,” Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin said in a statement reported by sports.yahoo.com. ”It’s a shining example of the window into who he is. He is a legendary Steeler and a legendary man.”

”His actions as a human being were just as impressive as any of the many inhuman plays he made on the football field,” Steelers’ general manager Kevin Colbert said. ”We were very fortunate to have him be a part of our organization for the past 12 years,” reported espn.com.

The Steelers’ first-round pick in 2003, Polamalu was known for his rare blend of instincts, athleticism and physicality. He was, at his best, a safety who could be deployed just about anywhere on the field, with the speed to cover deep and the ruggedness to thrive in run support. He finishes his career with 770 tackles and 32 interceptions, announced profootballtalk.nbcsports.com.