The Packaged Deal: Interview with Morgan Stuart


The Press Enterprise

The Packaged Deal holds a series of nationwide softball clinics run by Morgan Stuart, left, Amanda Scarborough, Katie Schroeder and Jen Schroeder. The Schroeder sisters played at UCLA.

“When I was young I liked baseball players; however a female athlete I liked was Jessica Mendoza. I liked her because she was always smiling and always had the right actions and said the right things that backed up her actions,” said Morgan Stuart,  part of “The Packaged Deal Softball” and the infield instructor at “The Softball Performance Workshop” in Placentia, CA.

Morgan played softball throughout her life and played on the Washington Huskies Softball Team in college. When asked what her most memorable moment in her softball career was she replied, “When we won the World Series in 2009. I remember the last pitch and it being a strikeout. I threw my glove up in the air and we all dog piled at the end.”

“The Packaged Deal” is a group of four women who go from state to state, country to country teaching girls’ softball techniques, which include hitting, catching, infield, and pitching. They do not  just teach them how to play softball, but also teach  how to be good people and teammates.

Despite the diversity of their travels, the questions players ask are usually the same.  “How do we get a college coach to recognize me ? How do I get a scholarship from here?”  Another similarity among softball players worldwide is  that they all share the same love for the game which Morgan said is like a binding between all the girls, and that even if they cultural or religious differences, they have the love for the sport of softball in common.

Morgan and the rest of ” The Packaged Deal” hope to teach the young girls greater values for the game and help them for their future in softball. They also teach them that it is  not about how you act during the play, but how you react after.

When asked if she feels pressured to be a good role model for these young girls Morgan said, “Yes, well I should be doing the right thing anyway. Just knowing that these girls look up to me as their role model just adds another reason to why I should be doing the right thing.”