BYMS Alumni Focus: Madison Kline, Esperanza Varsity Soceer

 Madison Kline’s experience as a  freshman at Esperanza High School has “kicked” into full gear as one of the youngest members of the school’s varsity soccer team.

Madison, a BYMS alumni, explained that she qualified for the team by attending the summer camps prior to her eighth and ninth grade year. She also said that she went to the camps in middle school to get a feel for the women’s soccer team. “The summer camp is very important  for the evaluation of the players,” Madison said.

Other freshmen joining Madison on the varsity team are  Isabel Dehakiz, Erika Hall, Peyton Lott, and Jillian Erwin. Coach John King pulls up different players from the JV team to see how they perform with the varsity team.

Madison also said that she does not only play for her school team, but plays for Legends FC. Legends FC is a highly competitive team and Maddison believes that it has prepared her for the high school season.

Madison’s favorite athlete is Kristen Press, a US national team player whom Madison had an opportunity to meet in Sweden after one of Press’s games. Madison’s  dad emailed Press and she was able to come out and talk to them.