New England Patriots Defeat Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX

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In a game that ended in the last seconds, the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks with a score of 28 to 24, to become Super Bowl XLIX champions, according to

This year, on February 1st, the New England Patriots challenged the Seattle Seahawks for every quarterback’s dream of raising the Lombardi Trophy. This Super Bowl was a battle between two number one seeds with no clear underdog. The Patriots who have won 3 Super Bowls and participated in 7 (not including this Super Bowl) vs. the Seattle Seahawks trying to win back-to-back, stated

The game was up and down for both teams not ever showing any clear signs of who would win, but the real drama came with 26 seconds left on the clock, reported The Seahawks had the ball on the one-yard-line following a long catch that many people thought had been dropped. Marshawn Lynch then took the ball down to the one-yard-line, according At this point, the there was not much hope because the Seahawks Halfback Marshawn Lynch averaged 5.0 yards a carry this post season and 4.7 this regular season; moreover, he had 24 carries for 102 yards and 1 touchdown, stated

The Seahawks shocked many people when they decided to throw the ball instead of running the ball, reported Russell Wilson threw the ball to his receiver, Ricardo Lockette, but Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball instead, according to

“We had it,” said Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin. “We were on the half-yard line, and we throw a slant. I don’t know what the offense had going on, what they saw. I just don’t understand,” stated

On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans drink an estimated 325.5 million gallons of beer and eat an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings while watching the Super Bowl this year, reported The Super Bowl is the second-largest day of eating and drinking, in America, right after Thanksgiving Day, according to