MLB: Free Agents Pull in Record Salaries

MLB: Free Agents Pull in Record Salaries

During the 2014 off season, 105 total players were signed with an average contract of two years and worth 9.3 million a year, reported, Last year the Yankees spent the most acquiring Jacoby Elsberry for 7 years, $153 million and Masahiro Tanaka for 7 years, $155 million, according to

The big free agents this year include Max Schrerzer whose last team was the Detroit Tigers and James Shields whose last team was the Kansas City Royals, reported According to and, these pitchers have been three of the most dynamic pitchers in the MLB with Earned Run Average (ERA) of (Schrerzer) 3.07, and (Shields) 3.21. There have been rumors, but nobody knows what team these players will end up on.

Hanley Ramirez, Victor Martinez, and Melky Cabrera are some more of the big name free agents, reported Many people have speculations about where these players will go next year, but nobody knows quite yet. There have been rumors about Lester going to the Red Sox, according to

The Red Sox offered Lester a Six 110-120 million dollar deal, reported the website. The Red Sox and Blue Jays are making offers to Sandoval. The Red Sox have given Sandoval and the Blue Jays are expected to make an offer, reported The Dodgers have not yet pulled the plug on Hanley Ramirez, but it is unknown if they made an offer to him.

Some MLB free agents have already been singed or resigned, such as Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers. Martinez was signed back to the Tigers with a four year 68 million dollar contract. Billy Butler who last played for the Kansas City Royals signed with the Oakland Athletics with a contract of three years 30 million dollars, reported and The Red Sox currently have an agreement with Pablo Sandoval and are expected to sign him. The Blue Jays agreed with Russell Martin to a 5 year 82 million dollar deal, but he has not signed yet, according to John Lester whose last team, was the Oakland, signed with the cubs with a 6 year 155 million dollar deal, reported