Lacrosse: A Growing Sport for Men and Women

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  “I wasn’t even planning on playing lacrosse at all but I needed a third sport next to football and wrestling. I actually found it boring until I actually got on the field and played. It’s a totally different experience,” said senior Mark Rentfro, YLHS goalie. 

 In Southern California 112  lacrosse (LAX) high school  teams compete such as Yorba Linda, Esperanza, Tustin, El Dorado, Valencia, Canyon, Servite High Schools, reports

   Lacrosse is a contact sport which requires adrenaline and speed. But for lady LAX , there is so contact so it does not  focus as much on aggressiveness but rather on strategy, according to  

“Men’s lacrosse is a contact game played by ten players,” explains This includes “a goalkeeper, three defensemen, three midfielders, and three attackmen. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the most goals, wins.”

Since played by American Indians, lacrosse has had an estimated 400 percent increase during the last twelve years spreading from the East coast all the way over to California, reported the New York Times.

          A Native American tribe, the Algonquain, started the sport in the St.Lawrence Valley . In 1856, a Canadian dentist named Dr.William George Beers formed the Montreal Lacrosse Club. Lacrosse  became more popular and was later played in the 1908 Summer Olympics, according to FILacrosse.

          Lacrosse is also a womens sport but uses a completely different strategy. Women’s lacrosse restricts contact whereas men’s lacrosse allows for more. Women’s LAX has less players on a smaller field and their lacrosse sticks are sized differently  from the men’s sticks, explains

          “I joined the YLHS lacrosse team because my friend Alex Vega told me about it and brought me to practice one day my freshman year,” stated  Mark Rentfro, YLHS lacrosse goalie. “I started off playing attack but I ended up liking defense more and when my coaches asked for a goalie I gave it a shot and ended up loving it.”

          Lacrosse can be played throughout college and professionally. The top five professional lacrosse teams are the Rochester Rattlers, Denver Outlaws, Ohio Machines, New York Lizards, and the Boston Cannons ,