Ray Rice’s Suspension Reduced

Photo courtesy of http://businessinsider.com/

Photo courtesy of http://businessinsider.com/

Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens was suspended by NFL Commission Rodger Goodell indefinitely, in October of 2014, but Rice appealed and reduced his suspension. Rice is now a free agent and is looking to sign with a team, according to tampabay.com

Ray Rice was initially suspended two games and fined $500,000 for committing domestic violence against his fiancée at the time, and now wife,  Janay Rice. After the casino in which the incident closed down, surveillance video of Rice and his fiancée in the elevator was released. Rice was hitting his fiancée and knocked her out, according to bigstory.ap.com.

One of the reasons that the original two game suspension was increased to an indefinite suspension is that the owners of the 32 NFL teams were pushing Goodell to increase the suspension, because Goodell did not take the case seriously enough, according to chicagotribune.com.

About four NFL teams are currently looking for a solid running back and the most interested  are the New Orleans Saints, who are in first place in the NFC South. The next team looking at Rice is the Indianapolis Colts who are not expected to pursue him, because of how they think he will act in the locker room and to his teammates, according to abcnews.com.