MLS Team Expansion: Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Minneapolis Possible



Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and St. Louis are all part of the potential expansion including New York FC and Orlando City. David Beckham has also been given the opportunity to manage his own team in 2015 which could possibly be Miami, according to

In addition to all these new teams, Austin, Texas has become an idea for a new team but there has been no offers to manage it. Orlando City and New York City FC, who are getting ready for their first MLS season in 2015, will go head-to-head in the Expansion Priority Draft reported by

After years of experience in professional soccer, David Beckham has been offered is own MLS team that he will manage in 2015.

Beckham told Bloomberg Television on September 10 that, “Miami will happen.” Miami will be the teams 22nd club but it must wait to see if the franchise meets the requirements over a stadium.

In 2013, Beckham was offered the option to create a new MLS team for $25 million which he gladly accepted reported by

“David Beckham is hoping to convince David Moyes to become the manager of his new Miami MLS franchise,” The Daily Mail  reported in February.” The former Manchester United manager is held in high esteem by Beckham and, according to The Sunday Times, will try to persuade the 51-year-old to join him in the US.”