Angels Moving to Arizona?


Arte Moreno, the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, after a breakdown in negotiations with Anaheim for more land, and dissatisfied with local offers from Tustin and Irvine for the building of  a new stadium, is considering moving the 2014 playoff team out of state, possibly to Arizona, according to

Moreno spoke to the media and said that he will not move the team yet and that the whole deal with him moving to Irvine or Tustin is at a “stalemate” and will not be resolved anytime soon.

According to, Arte Moreno met  with Tustin officials to talk about a new stadium, on February 15, 2014. Moreno also stated that he was “unhappy” about the deal to renovate Angel Stadium at $150 million or $1 million a year for 66 years.

Tustin officials say that they will not build a new stadium for Moreno, because his offer was inconsiderate and too low for them. states Moreno is continuing to look for different cities to ask for a new stadium.

Arte Moreno also spoke to the officials of Irvine about possibly moving the stadium to Irvine, but the mayor of Irvine disapproved of Moreno moving the stadium, because he thought that his mindset of making the stadium much bigger than it already is was too much reported