Is NHL Team in Las Vegas Is a Done Deal?

Photo: NBC Sports
Photo: NBC Sports

Despite denials from the National Hockey League (NHL),  NBC sports broadcaster Dan Patrick announced on his radio program,”We will have an NHL team in Las Vegas in 2016.”

“They’ve already broken ground on the arena, from what I’ve been told, and here are some other of other details that I’ve found out,” stated Patrick. ” And this is from a financial person who is involved in this. The paperwork’s already done. It is, as has been reported, a done deal. The question is, is it going to be an expansion team or is the NHL going to relocate another team?” added Patrick.

“Relocation throws a wrench into the equation for two reasons. First, the league has a great willingness to fight for franchise stability when there have been options for pulling up stakes. Second, and this is the real kicker, there’s no money in relocation for the league,” said The (Vancouver) Province’s Tony Gallagher, as reported by the Denver Post.

“NHL expansion – four teams added by 2017, Quebec City, Toronto, Seattle, and Las Vegas $1.4b in expansion fees,” reported Howard Bloom of  SportsBizNews.

“If Vegas happens, it won’t be an airlift,” said Tony Gallagher.“It’ll be all about the big payout that will be divvied up among the rest of the league’s owners.”

If there isn’t enough room in Las Vegas, the NHL will consider Seattle, Toronto, Quebec City, and Kansas City have been mentioned as markets that might land a new team in the league, reports CBS Boston.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly denies any expansion plans. But according to CBS Boston, ” ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire. Stay tune.”