MVP Giancarlo Stanton Injured by Fastball to Face

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National League “Most Valuable Player” leader Giancarlo Stanton, right fielder, of the Miami Marlins, took an 88 mph fastball to the face on September 11th. The ball was pitched by the Milwaukee Brewer’s pitcher, Mike Fiers, reported

Stanton recieved injuries to the face including large cuts all across his left cheek, a hole through his lip, knocked out teeth, and bruises to the nose reported.

Giancarlo Stanton speaking about his injury says, “My ears were ringing,” Stanton told the AP. “I couldn’t hear nothing, except the ring. I was checking my mouth, just the blood, mouth full and having chunks of teeth floating around,” reported

“I don’t know, man. He had his eyes closed and was lying there,” Johnathan Lucroy of the Milwaukee Brewers said reported”I don’t know. I just backed away when the trainers ran out. I was just kind of praying that he’s OK. I’ve been hit in the head before like that. You never wish that on anybody,”  added Lucroy was catching for the Brewers at the time when Giancarlo was injured.

When he was questioned about getting back into the game, he said, “I’ve wondered about that,” Stanton said. “I think I’m in a great mental state for what has gone on. But to be able to be back into the box, and in competition, I’m not quite sure. I think when we decide the protection that will be on, I’ll have more reassurance wearing that. I don’t know,” reported

Giancarlo Stanton has a .288 batting average and 37 homeruns this year. He has also won 2 Player of the Week awards, a Player of the Month Award, 1 Florida Marlins MVP award, 1 Miami Marlins MVP award, and a Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award according to

Giancarlo Stanton was running for the National League MVP award. He has also been an all-star for 2 seasons, 2012 and 2014. “I don’t know. It’s not looking good, that’s for sure. It’s devastating for us. Devastating. For his season to end like that, that’s not good,” comment Marlin’s manager Mike Redmond in response to the injury.