RG III Injured Again?

Photo Courtesy of www.washington.cbslocal.com

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Photo Courtesy of www.washington.cbslocal.com

Robert Griffin III, the twenty-four year old quarterback of the Washington Redskins was taken out of the week two game that was played Sunday, September 14, 2014. He was injured in the 1st quarter along with Desean Jackson said espn.go.com. Griffin dislocated his ankle while trying to complete a pass, but threw it out of bounds.

The injuries to Robert Griffin III (RG3)  have been devastating to the Redskins considering he has been hurt three times now says cbssports.com. Jay Gruden also says that “Kirk Cousins (the backup quarterback) will have to play as if he is not the backup, but as if he is the starting quarterback, like he did a season ago when RG III hurt his knee.”

RG3 is expected to make a comeback in the later weeks of the season and should not be out for the whole season states espn.go.com. They also state the Kirk Cousins will help the Redskins’ playoff hopes, because RG3 is not as consistent in passing as Kirk.

Other athletes visited Robert when he was at the hospital such as Oklahoma City Thunder’s star player Kevin Durant says FOXSports.com. The final score of the week two ended up being 41-10 with the Redskins winning by 31 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars stated espn.go.com.