Armless Table Top Tennis Player Still Wins


“It was quite difficult playing table tennis after the train accident,” stated Ibrahim Hamadto, a 41-year old Egyptian para-table tennis champion, according to

Hamadto lost his upper limbs in a train accident when he was just 10 years old. However, Ibrahim started rebuilding his skills in table tennis at the age of 13. He tried multiple ways of gripping the paddle, but later on began to use his mouth, according to “It was difficult but I discovered it was not impossible,” said Hamadto.

Earlier this month, the Egyptian champion demonstrated his skills at the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Hamadto was not only the guest of honor but played against some famous tennis champions, according to

“Ibrahim is a very nice man with faith and perseverance,” said Alaa Meshref, the president of the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation. “He encounters hardships with both financial and physical circumstances but he’s thankful for the things he has,” added Alaa Meshref, according to