Teen Runner Succeeds Despite Having MS


source: journalnow.com

Kayla Montgomery, 18 year old  senior at  Mount Tabor High School in South Carolina  and state champion track runner literally runs until she drops. Kayla succeeds despite having Multiple Sclerosis, according to Elite Daily.com.

Kayla Montgomery was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago, an incurable disease that attacks the central nervous, but is treatable, according to Today.com.  It can also cause muscle weakness, balance problems, and in severe cases paralysis, described Today.com.

Kayla Montgomery is going to Limpscomb University in Nashville Tennessee on scholarship, according to Elite Daily.com.

“It kind of feels like I’m just kind of floating,” said Kayla Montgomery explains the feeling when she runs. “There’s nothing underneath me,” she told New York Times in an interview.  She loses feeling in her legs when she runs, and even collapses when she crosses the finish line, according to Elite Daily.com.

In the beginning of high school she was one of the slowest runners now she is one of the nations fastest.  She also just won state competition 3200-meter race, according to Elite Daily.com.  She will be going to New York for the national indoor track competition, according to Today.com.