Peyton Manning: On Pace for a Record Setting Year ?

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    “If Peyton Manning can keep the pace he has performed at for the remainder of the season, NFL fans might get to see the best season any NFL quarterback has had,” commented Rich Kurtzman of CBS News.

    “Through three games, Manning passed for 12 total touchdowns, a new NFL record and has thrown zero interceptions to go along with all the scores,” said CBS insider Rich Kurtzman. Manning is on pace to break the record for most touchdowns with 64. This would shatter Tom Brady’s past record at 50.  

     Manning came off his almost career ending injury just two years ago, so to have a record season would be very remarkable indeed. “The 37-year-old is on pace for a record setting year,” said Chris Chase of USA TODAY.

     Mike Freeman of The Bleacher Report has noticed Manning’s improved performance after surgery. “There were times when the arm looked noticeably weaker,”commented Freeman.    
     “His arm didn’t used to be so great; he just had good accuracy. After the surgery he just seemed to have boosted all of his abilities,” according to Russell Baxter of The Bleacher Report.
     Peyton and The Denver Broncos play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.  “Dallas could make this this a fight, but Romo has a tendency to blow games in the clutch,” said Joe McQuiston of

   “Regardless of what Manning does during the regular season, all that matters is how well he performs in the playoffs. Even if he breaks every record in the book during the next 12 games, the only thing people will truly remember is how he finished,” stated Mike Moratitis of The Bleacher Report on October 2.